Key Personnel



S. No. Designation /
Field of expertise
Name Qualification Work Experience (Years) Remarks
1 M.D./ Senior. Structure Engineer Dr. Purushotam Dangol Ph.D. 30 Part Time
2 Electrical Engineer Dr Rajendra Dangol Ph. D. 13 Full Time
3 Senior Civil Engineer Chiranjivi Dhungana M. Sc. 30 Full Time
4 Civil Engineer Madan Sharma M. Sc. 29 Full Time
5 Architect Anjuli Shrestha B.Arch 10 Full Time
6 Architect Sabita Chapagain B.Arch 10 Full Time
7 Architect Aayesha Dangol B.Arch 1 Full Time
8 Civil Engineer/Structure Suraj Malla M.E. Earthquake   12 Full Time
9 Civil Engineer/Structure Niroj Maharjan M.E. Earthquake   9 Full Time
10 Civil Engineer Pritam Sangat B.E. Civil 7 Full Time
11 Civil Engineer Mukesh Maharjan M.E. Earthquake 6 Full Time
12 Civil Engineer Gyandira Maharjan M.Sc Sustainable Water sanitation 9 Full Time
13 Civil Engineer Sanjeeb Libi B.E. Civil 2 Full Time
14 Aerodrome Expert Ashok Shrestha M. Sc. 25 Part Time
15 Sanitary Engineer Ramesh Neupane B.E Civil. 30 Part Time
16 Electrical Engineer Sailesh Baidya M. Sc. 25 Part Time
17 Computer/Electronic Engineer Kshitiz Shrestha B.E. 14 Part Time


S. No. Designation Name Qualification Work Experience (Years)
1 Structural Engineer Dr. Prachanda Pradhan Ph.D. 24
2 Urban Planner Dr. Sunil Babu Shrestha Ph.D. 18
3 Structural Engineer Sagar Krishna Joshi M.Sc. 31
4 Structural Engineer DwarikaShrestha M.Sc. 31
5 Geo-Technical Engineer Sanju. K.. Jain M.Sc. 19
6 Civil Engineer/Trainer Ram C Thapa M.Sc. 28

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