Newton General Hospital

Newton General Hospital


Newton Hospital has been named in the memory of the greatest scientist of our era Sir Isaac Newton and established with the vision to provide healthcare excellence with the latest and advanced medical technology. With the objective to provide highly efficient and especial health service from outside Kathmandu valley of Nepal for non-communicable diseases like heart, kidney, cancer and more, which are arising gradually due to high population growth and pollution, a highly modern and specialized hospital with 350 beds was started to construct in March 2019 to address ongoing health crisis on the leadership of Narayani Community Hospital involving to well-known doctors, health workers, businesspersons, entrepreneurs, industrialists, engineers and social workers of the diverse genre. The hospital will be constructed in 22362 Sq. Meter (nearly 6 acres / 46 Ropani) land area in Bharatpur Metropolitan City in Chitwan. The total area of the building will be around 400,000 Square feet with a plinth area of about 60,000 sq. feet. The Hospital is located in front of National Park with clean air and beautiful greenery. This environmental suitability would help to feel comfortable to the patient and enhances cure. The project construction was started in March 2019 with the total estimated budget of around NPR.500 crores, USD 45 Million. The estimated project completion date is March 2022. The Hospital obtained registration number 185455/074/075 from company Registrar office, Kathmandu as sitometry, GAMMA therapy, etc.

Property Detail

  • Newton General Hospital
  • Chitwan
  • 8 with Double Basement
  • 34873 sq.m.
  • Rs. 230 Crores without VAT
  • Rs. 18,76,167.40 with VAT
  • Detail Structural Analysis and Design

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