Hotel Building

Hotel Building


Dhodgu Hotel Development Company is a company, located in का.म.न.पा.-२,काठमाण्डौ,बाग्मती, you can browse Dhodgu Hotel Development Company phone, address, contact person, products and services, website, and etc for free. Dhodgu Hotel Development Company business info all on

Property Detail

  • Dhodgu Hotel Development Pvt. Ltd.
  • Thamel, Kathmandu
  • 6 storey with Double basement
  • 4921.84 sq.m.
  • Rs. 35,78,66,836.95 with VAT
  • Rs. 55,00,000.00 with VAT
  • Geotechnical study
    Detail Architectural Design
    Detail Structural Analysis and Design
    Electrical & Sanitary
    Design Supervision of Project

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