Kumari Engineering College

Kumari Engineering College


Kumari engineering college is located near the buddha stupa in Kathmandu, Nepal. This college is completely approved by the CTEVT (Council For Technical Education and Vocational Training). Every year about 48 students sheats are available in this college. if you can admit to this college you need to pass the certificate of the entrance exam of CTEVT. Just 48 students can admission to this college.

Property Detail

  • Kumari Engineering College
  • Baudha, Kathmandu
  • 5 storey
  • 2931.88 sq.m.
  • Rs. 9,46,41,000 with VAT
  • Rs. 7,00,000.00 with VAT
  • Detail Architectural Design
    Detail Structural Analysis and Design
    Preparation of Technical Specification
    Preparation of Bidding Documents Cost Estimate
    Supervision of Project

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